Schaubühne Lindenfels is a space for production and performance in Leipzig based on an interdisciplinary concept. The main focus of the program is theater, dance, performance, and cinema, which are complemented by music, literature, new media and the fine arts. Our numerous events dealing with current issues - be that through topical series, themed weeks, retrospectives, thematic evenings or festivals - have become a special trademark. At these events, many approaches are explored, sometimes provocatively. Discussion forums, exhibitions and lounges round out our artistic offering.

Here you can find a profile of the Schaubühne made by the Montag Stiftung: Background info, video interview and picture gallery.

Theater as driving force

Our driving force is theater, which time and again focuses on productions that challenge traditional forms of theater in search of a unique theatrical voice. In addition to our in-house productions (realized by the SCHAU-Ensemble since 2012), co-productions with local artists, and guest performances by international theater companies, the Schaubühne also conceptualizes and performs projects in public spaces, festivals, and retrospectives. These projects deal with social topics and questions, as well as the processes of artistic production itself.

As a result, our repertoire is by no means limited to theater and performance. The unique acoustics of our ballroom also create an ideal space for music, especially classical music. The Schaubühne regularly stages concerts in collaboration with ensembles and orchestras that go beyond the conventional concert form – they are interdisciplinary, multi-medial, and transcend single genres.

Art house cinema & Expanded Cinema

In addition to theater in all its different forms, cinema is another pillar of the Schaubühne's artistic offering. Divided into thematic areas and series, our location lends its screen to independent productions, and also offers a space for cineasts to discuss the cinematic art (for example during our weekly KlubKinoKlub). Our art house cinema shows movies in original form with subtitles (OmU). Our daily operations include both premieres as well as epilogues, archive material and stock pieces. Regular features of our program are film festivals, such as the DOK-Film Festival Leipzig, the short film festival Kurzsuechtig, the Lateinamerikanische Filmtage, as well as the Französische Filmtage which were conceptualized and designed by us.

An unusual part of our program are cinematic installations, which reflect on the cinematic genre as a platform and vehicle for cultural practice, and open up connections to other art forms. The unique design of our antique ballroom offers a space in which cinema transcends the screen, carries over into different spaces, thereby allowing for the creation of new perspectives and perceptions - “Expanded Cinema”.

Art and culture as instruments for city and district development

In its role as a major established cultural institution in Leipzig, the Schaubühne is well connected with trans-regional networks, and acts as center and starting point for the cultural development in western Leipzig. The Schaubühne initiated “Westbesuch” (west visit), and developed “Boulevard Heine”, which is an important instrument for identity formation in western Leipzig. The latter is also tied to the cultural and economic development of the western district.