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We bought our theater – now we are giving it to the people!

Schaubühne Lindenfels: A non-profit joint-stock company

The non-profit joint-stock company, which was founded in 2005, purchased the property and acts as the production house's sponsor. This purchase marked the beginning of an experiment with cultural, political and economic relevance. Today, Germany's first “stock theater” belongs to more than 1,200 shareholders. We believe that theater is a shared space – in more than one way.

When purchasing a share of the Schaubühne (24, 50, or 240 Euro), you not only receive a piece of art from Leipzig, but a piece of its culture as well. You are not just a guest anymore – you are our partner. At our yearly shareholders' meetings, you have the ability to actively influence the image and program of the Schaubühne. One share, one vote!

As a non-profit joint-stock company, our aim is not to generate revenue.
Instead, our dividends are culture, independence, and community spirit!

Together, we are an example for cooperative action that creates joint property.

Become a shareholder!

Individual or company – everyone can become a shareholder of the Schaubühne Lindenfels gAG! For 24, 50, or 240 Euro you will receive a share that doubles as a piece of art – given to you by one three founding shareholders Anka Liebe, Jörg Schulz, or René Reinhardt. They control the supply of sellable shares, which then transferred to you, the secondary shareholders. You can directly in cash here at the Schaubühne and get your shares immediately (please call ahead), or transfer the money to our bank account and pick up your shares on your next visit to the Schaubühne. If requested, we are also happy to mail the shares to you.

In this PDF you will find everything else you need to know: Become a shareholder!

You can of course always make a donation without purchasing stocks:

Recipient: Schaubühne Lindenfels gAG
IBAN: DE41 8605 5592 1141 2269 75
Bank: Sparkasse Leipzig
Reference: shares / donation

The structure of the gAG

Our non-profit joint-stock company has a three tiered organization: chief executive officer (CEO), board of directors, and the shareholders' meeting. Every shareholder is eligible to exercise his or her right to vote in the yearly shareholders' meeting – every share grants one vote. It is the shareholders that, at the yearly assembly, decide on fundamentals of the company, appoint members to the board of directors, determine changes to the by-laws, and hold the board and the CEO accountable.

During the yearly meeting, shareholders are thoroughly informed about all current and future developments and plans of the Schaubühne. The board of directors' duty is to advise and monitor the CEO. The board of directors also represents the shareholders, and is appointed by them. The CEO is responsible for the operative management, and leads the company autonomously, and independent from the direction of the shareholders or the board of directors. He is appointed by the board, subject to the board's supervision, and obliged to report to them.


Shareholders: 1250
Shares: 5012
CEO: René Reinhardt
Board of directors: Renate Müller (chairwoman), Eva Theis, Anka Liebe